Selena Lee (李施嬅) disclosed she changed the song lyrics when promoting the new song (二次緣) with Gabriel Harrison (海俊傑) at a radio station on 8th April. He praised her for singing very well and Selena pointed she had additional time to chat with her family and friends as her work was suspended during the virus period. She said: “I can have a better understanding in my suitors and one is enough. Previously, I do not even have time for phone chat and the additional time allows me to think about my future.”

When mentioned about Ms Hong Kong pageant and Ms Chinese International pageant were suspended for a year due to coronavirus outbreak, Selena believed it was a difficult decision for TVB: “It is the first time that TVB makes this decision. Let’s work hard together and we can groom newcomers again next year. It also allows us to make ample preparations.” Gabriel remarked precious life was more vital than providing entertainment and it was reasonable to suspend the performances, and health was the most important.