Recently, there are increased confirmed cases in Hong Kong and a higher risk of infections from coronavirus in the planes when travelling from overseas. Anne Heung (向海嵐), Vivi Lee (李美慧) and her family decide to stay in Shanghai and France until the virus is in a less serious situation.

Anne expressed she had to handle the issues for her flat and travelled to Shanghai in mid March. Subsequently, Hong Kong government announced it was a serious coronavirus outbreak and she was forced to stay in Shanghai for a month. During an interview with Apple Daily HK (蘋果), Anne said: “I arrive in Shanghai in early March and the airport is quiet. Shanghai is a big city and I feel sad and mad upon looking at this current state. I begin my quarantine period for 14 days and continue to cook at home for the past 2 weeks. It is convenient to buy essentials online and they can make delivery within an hour. I will collect it downstairs and it is a good arrangement.

I also bring many face masks and go out thrice for the past month. My friends in Shanghai are paranoid and make good safety precautions. Over here, it is very safe and we need to register and send a text message about our destinations for the past 14 to 30 days. We must wear face masks and disinfect ourselves before going out. Initially, I plan to return to Hong Kong in mid March but decide to delay it because of the serious condition. My mother also tells me not to come back first and I have not buy an air ticket yet. I reckon I might return in end April or early May after finishing my work.”

As for Vivi, her husband, Zeng Wenhao (曾文豪) and she took their daughter for skiing in France in last December. They were supposed to return after a month but decided to stay over there because of the rampant virus outbreak. Fortunately, they have a flat in France and Vivi said on 10th April: “We miss Hong Kong very much and will come back after the virus is over. We stay at home and I allow my daughter to play at the back garden at times, while the maid goes out to buy groceries at the supermarket.”