Eliza Sam (岑麗香) advertised for milk powder with Coco Chiang (蔣怡), film director, Oliver Siu (陳小娟) and Internet celebrity, Pamela Cheung (張穎沁) earlier. They shared their biggest miracles in their lives and Eliza confessed she missed her son, Jacob during the shooting.

When recalled about her expecting news at the time, Eliza remained emotional and said: “I feel normal when the doctor told me I was expecting at the point and it is a miracle to me, upon going for ultrasound scan for the first time. I heard Jacob’s heartbeat and he was very little. The doctor pointed the black dot was Jacob’s heartbeat and I feel a new life is forming in my belly. From that day onward, there is 2 heartbeats in my body and it is indeed a miracle.”

Eliza described her son’s smiles gave her energy every time: “I place other matters aside first as accompanying my son to grow up is very precious to me. My son is my top priority and I do not want to miss any important moments.” She added she looked forward to her second pregnancy and let nature take its course.

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