Apple Daily HK (蘋果) made an exclusive discovery that Elaine Yiu (姚子羚) and former director of Dragon-i and married man, Raymond Young (楊偉文) were dating in May 2019. Because of the complicated relationship, Elaine was pointed to wait for Raymond to make a decision and choose the separation eventually.

Around 5pm a few days ago, the reporters discovered Raymond parked his white Benz vehicle parked at the side of the road in Lei King Wan. Elaine and he alighted one after another and she was dressed in black outfit with black cap and face mask. Raymond had a cigarette while Elaine went into a Western restaurant to meet an auntie who was suspected as Raymond’s mother. She did not eat or drink anything and it looks like Elaine is very concerned about coronavirus outbreak.

After an hour later, they left together and there was a fine ticket on Raymond’s vehicle. Elaine sat in the front of passenger seat and the auntie sat at the back. The auntie alighted first after a short journey and Raymond tried to escape from the reporters by driving around Oscar by the Sea, once discovering their presence. It is highly likely that he gave her a lift to her flat.

When asked if she reconciled with Raymond, Elaine replied: “Having a meal with my friend only. My career is my top priority and I have nothing to say. Thank you for the concern.”

In mid March, Raymond and Elaine were taken photographs of meeting up around 2 to 3 times and it showed they maintained close contact. She denied about the reconciliation and emphasised it was a normal gathering: “We are adults and can remain as friends after the break-up. It is hard to predict about the future and I am focusing on my career now.”

In addition, Raymond’s ex-wife, Sarika gave her blessings: “I am unsure and have no comments. I hope they stay happy and health is the most important. I am currently hosting ViuTV shows and filming drama. I am also concentrating on my career and see if there is anything to do online. Hopefully the virus will be over soon and our lives are back to normal.”