Koni Lui (呂慧儀) is surrounded by endless gossips lately. Firstly, she is pointed to be mad at TVB entertainment news for conducting interviews frequently and the host, Angel Chow (周佩婷), when asked if she had anything to say. Subsequently, she confessed about her anger towards Angel but dismissed about behaving like a big shot to the extra.

While taking a break during Come Home Love: Lo and Behold (愛‧回家之開心速遞) sitcom, Koni asked Andrew Chan (陳浚霆) and Pal Sinn (單立文) during the birthday celebration for Andrea So (蘇韻姿): “Do you have anything to say today?” Andrew replied: “Please keep the birthday celebration as a secret.” Hence, it is uncertain if Koni continues to take it to heart.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200416/1587036679483/%e3%80%90%e8%80%bf%e8%80%bf%e6%96%bc%e6%87%b7-%e3%80%91%e5%91%82%e6%85%a7%e5%84%80%e9%87%8d%e8%a4%87%e5%91%a8%e4%bd%a9%e5%a9%b7%e8%aa%aa%e8%a9%b1%e5%95%8f%e9%99%b3%e6%b5%9a%e9%9c%86-%e4%bd%a0%e4%bb%8a%e6%97%a5%e6%9c%89%e4%b9%9c%e8%ac%9b