Because of coronavirus outbreak, the stage plays are either postponed or cancelled. Joey Leung (梁祖堯) is one of the founders for Windmill Grass Theatre (劇團風車草劇團) and forced to become a farmer, due to zero income from his acting career. He enjoys the farming experiences everyday and Chinese star Angelababy (楊穎) loves the planting activity as well.

Other than sharing her record from March, Angelababy also shared photo of herself planting Chinese cabbage at the back garden in her house through Weibo on 20th April. In the photo, she is dressed in denim and her son is suspected to squat on the floor to remove the excess grass. After turning and pushing the soy for 2 days, Angelababy finally starts to plant and water the seeds and there is some results after 4 days.

In addition, Angelababy was dressed in sport attire to plant vegetables seeds at the farm on 14th April. This time, she showed her success and finally could eat vegetables planted by herself personally. Angelababy felt excited and left a message: “Yes, I finally get to eat the vegetables planted by myself personally! My hard work is paid off.” Her fans then urged her to open a vegetable farm after seeing the message.