Joel Chan (陳山聰) accepted an interview from a radio show hosted by Nancy Sit (薛家燕) and promoted his new drama, Brutally Young (十八年後的終極告白). He expressed he did not go for infant care classes due to coronavirus, and sought for advice from his friends who had children and performed online researches.

Joel said: “I did accompany my wife for pregnancy checkup and it is a miracle when seeing the ultrasound scan. No wonder all mothers are noble.” Nancy pointed she reminded him to accompany his wife: “It is very sweet and warmth. When I am pregnant at the time, my husband seldom goes with me for the checkup and I feel very unhappy. I believe it is important for every father to know the baby’s development and recalling my experiences does not make me feel unhappy, but telling Joel about my thoughts only.”

Nancy added her eldest daughter, Justina (石祐珊) who was currently in America and they were worried about each other: “Justina told me to wear face mask when recording a show and I explained to her it is safe after the disinfection in the studio room.”