TVB cancels 2020 Ms Hong Kong Pageant (2020香港小姐競選) due to coronavirus and Carmaney Wong (黃嘉雯) continues to do her duty as Ms Hong Kong 2019.

Recently, she follows the volunteers to distribute face masks to the cleaners. On 19th April, Carmaney shared many photos and left an online message: “It is my first time to wait for them at their workplace. They turn up one by one and I ask about their condition. They smile and greet us and do not ask about the reason until we explain to them. I feel some cleaners are older than my grandparents and continue to work. Showing simple concern can be very warm and hopefully our sincerity will give them positive energy.”

On that day, Carmaney was dressed up in casual wear with gloves and face masks. She also used emoji to block their faces in order to protect their privacy. Carmaney said: “It is hard to make a living especially during the difficult times but allows us to observe the surrounding. Please cherish your loved ones and enjoy the times spent together. Fighting!”