Show Lo (羅志祥) and his Chinese girlfriend, Grace Chow (周揚青) ended their 9 years romance officially. She exposed his true colours that he had “abnormal” relationships with female artistes and makeup artist for a long time, and organised “private exercises” with his friends frequently.

On 25th April, Grace responded when some netizen asked if she planned to ruin Show after the breakup: “I will not wait until now if want to destroy him. It is meaningless to write this post if a simple cheating affair. I choose to use this method because he shows no remorse and has no moral at all. Hopefully there is no more victims after this!”

Grace added: “I did tell my mother that we will not develop a relationship if knowing about his true colours. At the time, it is a pity that nobody dares to stand up…… Hence I will be that person!”