Show Lo (羅志祥) and his Chinese girlfriend, Grace Chow (周揚青) ended their 9 years relationship officially. On 23rd April, she exposed his true colours through her Weibo that he used another mobile phone to flirt with other girls and organised “abnormal” activities with his friends frequently. Hence, it shocked the entertainment industry.

On the same day, Show responded online: “Breaking up and reconciling several times for the past 9 years and I will reflect myself about my mistakes.” However, he evaded her “accusation” and many netizens felt disappointed in his actions.

On 24th April, Show replied again and finally admitted to the cheating after uploading a black colour background. He apologised to Grace and said: “I need to make a sincere apology to @Grace Chow I know I am in the wrong and fail to cherish our 9 years relationship. I cheat behind your back repeatedly and cause you hurt and make you upset. I admit I did many mistakes and would like to apologise to all victims. Sorry and I will bear the full responsibility.”