Taiwanese star Show Lo (羅志祥) is exposed for cheating behind his former girlfriend, Grace Chow’s (周揚青) back for many years, after ending their 9 years romance. She revealed he flirted with female artistes and the netizen pointed Linda Chien (簡愷樂) was one of them. Hence, Grace went for HIV test and felt relieved that she remained healthy, and advised Linda to go for a checkup as well. During the invitation to Chinese show (花花萬物2) hosted by Dee Hsu (徐熙娣) and Kevin Tsai (蔡康永), she took the hosts to her house and happened to see her branded handbags. Linda revealed all were given by Show and it was obvious they had a close relationship.

In 2011, Linda’s father was invited to Taiwanese program, 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百) to celebrate his daughter’s birthday and asked Show directly: “Let me ask you a question! Today is Linda’s birthday and when are you making a decision?” Linda then tried to salvage the situation: “My dad loves to create effects.” Show replied after becoming calm: “I reckon Linda’s father is different now!” Finally, her father explained he recognised the wrong person.

In addition, the host (莎莎) asked Linda’s father during Taiwanese tour show, Super Taste (食尚玩家) in 2016: “Are Show and Linda together?” He smiled and replied: “Show goes to my house for many days.” Some netizens discovered Show looked at Hsu Nai Lin (徐乃麟) with sympathy expression when Linda was scolded by him harshly in the show, Genius Go Go Go (天才衝衝衝) few years ago.

Source: https://hk.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200425/PQD4VOPS3CLDNG6VC35KWKTW7E/