Because of “lust” word, Taiwanese star Show Lo (羅志祥) transforms from a “dance king” to “jerk” within a couple of days. His bad and indecent histories are surfacing daily. Based on the latest information, some Chinese netizen pointed through Weibo that the staff know Show always requests for “special services” at the drama set. The netizen remarked the film producer assumed he wanted massage service initially and realised Show’s real intention: “We thought he is tired after the filming and find a best masseur for him, but he is not happy. Subsequently, we find a “small x” for Show and he feel satisfied after that.”

Thus, everyone begins to understand the “special services” requested by Show. The insider made fun of Show that he was very powerful and needed to pay extra fees because of the increased time length for every session. Show made the payment personally and gave tips to the staff who helped him to find the ladies.

Other than becoming a heated discussion among Chinese netizens, Taiwanese media manages to trace many Show’s “old lovers” as well. After an artiste, “ge ge” (格格) presented her intimate conversation exchange with Show, another woman named Teresa (馮子紜) in the variety show revealed she met Show for the first time at a pub 4 years ago. On 25th April, she said: “He already asks me out for singing despite meeting for the first time. Show drinks a lot and has many girls besides him. He asks me out for singing and my house address and I decline to reveal it as Show looks overbearing.”

In addition, a Japanese netizen noticed Show’s infidelity news as he worked with singer Kumi Koda (倖田來未) while preparing his album and concert in Japan a few years ago. He is quite popular since Hi My Sweetheart (海派甜心) drama starring Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and him broadcasted in Japan as well. Many Japanese netizens asked what happened to Show through Twitter and some commented they finally understood the definition of “jerk”.