Grace Chow (周揚青) ended her 9 years relationship with Show Lo (羅志祥) and disclosed he loved to organise “abnormal exercises” with many parties. Hence, he is forced to make public apology. It turns out that Grace has 3 Weibo accounts and some netizen manages to trace her third account on 27th April. Grace uploaded her intimate conversation exchange with Show and both addressed each other as “husband and wife” but it becomes history now.

The netizen discovered Grace’s third Weibo account was known as (格lace小姐姐你好) and the posts took place from 2017 to 2018. The conversations were related to their anniversary date and she travelled to Taipei to celebrate Show’s birthday. He specially applied 5 days leave to celebrate his birthday and acted as Santa Claus to make her happy, while celebrating Christmas in Tokyo. At the time, Grace felt very touched and described herself as the luckiest girl in the world.

Apparently, Show rooted for her whenever Grace felt unhappy: “We are husband and wife. You are not alone and I will definitely accompany you.” Grace replied him: “We go through ups and downs together. You are my main pillar of support and everything is good as long as you are here for me. I will endure everything for your sake just like when our romance is exposed at the point.” Show said: “Hubby will be here for you always.” Grace said again: “You are the best husband.”

On the same day, Grace responded through her second Weibo account after the exposure of her third account: “Please stop it…… I have forgotten about the password to that account and will not update any longer.” She also admitted she felt upset when reminded about the old conversations.