A few days ago, Grace Chow (周揚青) disclosed her old love, Show Lo (羅志祥) was unfaithful to her and had “abnormal relationships” with many female artistes and makeup artist as well. As she had important evidences of Linda Chien (愷樂) and him having an affair, Show is pointed to plead for mercy from Grace and agree to all her terms and conditions. Subsequently, Linda and Show posted their public apologies to Grace.

After making public apologies to Grace twice, Show continues to “hide” and his good friend, Jacky Wu (吳宗憲) revealed he kept in contact with him, while recording show on 26th April. He said: “This is his private affair. It depends on everybody’s perspective and his mistake cannot be simply based on the judgement by the court. (See Linda before since Show and you live in the same building?) They work in the same company and I am not very sure though. It is best for him to do self-reflection before setting off again.”

According to Apple Daily Taiwan (蘋果新聞網), Show’s good friend, Morrison Ni (倪子鈞) believed he should do self-reflection during this difficult period: “Show should know the best when reflecting his mistakes. It is a turning point to him and I will be praying for him as Christian. Hopefully everyone will become brave to handle the problems after going through ups and downs in one’s life.” He added he chatted with Show on the phone and will be there for him whenever needed him. Show replied him: “Okay. Thanks pal.”

In addition, Show’s mother is pointed to be furious at Grace’s actions and asked if she planned to ruin him completely. Grace replied to the netizen that she will not wait until now if intended to destroy Show. Although she seems to become soft-hearted, but Grace’s good friend (小小吳) promised to seek justice for her: “She is soft-hearted. You bully my friend and I will seek justice for her. I already knew it 3 months ago. Just wait and see! Everybody! Let’s count it one by one!” Finally, some netizen discovered Chinese star Sun Honglei (孫紅雷) gave like to her despite working together with Show previously. Honglei won compliments that he was a righteous person.

Source: https://hk.news.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200426/BBJND4GGPV3OUBG3JYMLN4GTLM/