Show Lo’s (羅志祥) and Grace Chow (周揚青) ended their 9 years relationship officially. His image is completely tarnished after exposing his true colours and infidelity. Show is estimated to suffer from heavy monetary losses from advertisement endorsements and hosting shows. As for the third party, Linda Chien (愷樂), a Taiwanese skincare company terminated their cooperation and is pointed to seek 6 digit compensation from her on 27th April.

When Apple Daily Taiwan (蘋果新聞網) contacted a Chinese lingerie company named Modern Girl (瑪登瑪朵) who collaborated with Linda for many years on the following day, a spokesperson replied: “Our cooperation ended in 31st December 2019 and we are allowed to use her picture until 30th June 2020. We decide not to renew the contract because of the changes in the company’s strategy. We also have no comments about her personal affair. (Worry about her personal issue might affect the company’s image?) Yes, some customers did ask but we have explained that she is no longer endorsing our company’s products.”