Apple Daily HK (蘋果) makes an exclusive discovery that “TVB slut” (大台姣精) Ashley Chu (朱智賢) has a secret affair with married man Jackson Lai (黎振燁). During the press conference on 29th April, Ashley’s boyfriend Brian Tse (謝東閔) defended her and promised to go through this difficult times together. However, she made minimal speech when compared to Brian and it became “dead air” for some time.

Subsequently, both accepted an interview from Scoop (東張西望) show at night on the same day and Ashley cried while trying to explain: “I admit it ends up this way because of filming drama. I feel I am unprofessional, lack of experience and fail to differentiate the reality.”

Mentioning about Brian supported her throughout this crisis, Ashley said: “Thank you to Brian for accompanying me all the way. I know he needs to withstand the pressure and feels worse than me.” She then used tissue to wipe away her tears before continuing: “I wish to apologise to my family and the entire team for Zombie (食腦喪B) drama. I remember I send a text message to my father immediately as do not want my personal affair to affect him. Also, very sorry to the film producer and whole team as my unprofessionalism causes an impact to everybody. Please forgive me and I will work harder in the future. I feel very guilty and full of regrets. I really cannot accept my own mistake……” However, she has yet to apologise to Jackson’s wife who is currently expecting.

When the host asked about Brian’s future plan, he said: “I will try my best to spend additional time with Ashley if I am free. It is not easy and I hope we will survive this crisis together.