Sisley Choi (蔡思貝) joins TVB through Ms Hong Kong pageant and is heavily groomed by the company in recent years. She is surrounded by endless rumours and criticised by the netizens as well. During an interview with Ming Pao (明周), Sisley expressed she might look cheerful on the surface but suffered from mood disorder and failed to receive supports from her family. After filming The Learning Curve of a Warlord (大帥哥) drama 3 years ago, veteran actor, Dicky Cheung (張衛健) noticed the problem and advised her to seek professional treatment. Sisley was diagnosed as having bipolar disorder.

On 24th April, Sisley explained to the media that she had recovered and stopped the treatment and medicine. She said: “Do I look normal to you? I am okay. Please focus on the contents related to my working experiences and bipolar disorder is a small part in my life only. I believe every artiste has different experiences and it is considered a form of cultivation. Everything is running smoothly for me at this moment.”