TVB actress Ashley Chu (朱智賢) and Brian Tse (謝東閔) have an underground romance for 3 years until she is exposed for having an affair with married man Jackson Lai (黎振燁). Based on an exclusive source from Apple Daily HK (蘋果), Ashley and Jackson fell in love after filming Zombie (食腦喪B) drama together and he planned to file for a divorce with his expecting wife. Subsequently, she “downgraded” Brian as her good friend but apologised with him during a press conference. This world is indeed full of miracles.

After hiding for 4 days, Jackson finally appeared with his wife on 30th April. He emphasised it was a “foggy love” (霧水情緣) and believed he could “differentiate” the relationship. Jackson accidentally revealed he had an extra-marital affair with Ashley for several weeks and promised it will not happen again. Mrs Lai defended her husband was a hardworking man and hoped TVB will give him another opportunity. Jackson added he will not give up himself even if the company chose to and it is suspected that he is “frozen” by the company.

As such, it angered “cuckold hero” (綠帽俠) Brian who begun to lash out at Jackson through Instagram on 1st May: “Somebody is a liar and tries to sweet talk to the public. #Jackson Lai” Many netizens forwarded his comment and told him to take good care of his girlfriend instead: “Ashley is not 16 year old even if you increase her age twice.”

Apparently, TVB tried to conduct an interview with Jackson’s wife in a show but she changed her mind at eleventh hour and it gave him a headache, despite forgiving him. Thus, the company ordered Ashley and Brian to make a full explanation at the press conference but she tried to resolve it by simply saying about failing to differentiate the reality.

According to the news source on 1st May, Brian and Ashley cohabit for a long time ago but they are not as loving as before and argue frequently. As a result, she feels lonely and tries to seek for forgiveness from him after the secret affair. In order to salvage Ashley’s career, Brian is suspected to act as her “boyfriend” and promise to overcome the obstacles together. Finally, he is nicknamed “cuckold hero” and definitely suffers from tremendous pressure.