Chinese key opinion leader (KOL) Grace Chow (周揚青) breaks up with Taiwanese celebrity Show Lo (羅志祥) and exposes his true colour including having an affair with Linda Chien (簡愷樂), and engaging “exercises” with many people. Hence, his image is completely tarnished but Grace is in a good mood as the reporters discovered she took her dog to enjoy high tea on 30th April. She shared it on another Weibo account and Instagram story.

On 30th April, Grace posted a message on Weibo: “Having high tea with my friend and there are 9 photos which are not taken by me.” Some netizens pointed she looked energetic but had lost weight: “Grace, please tell me that you have gained weight and I will feel better.” Grace replied: “I reckon I have lost weight.” The netizen said: “Does it make you feel good when eating little everyday?” Grace continued: “Honestly speaking, I am not full at all.” On 27th April, she left a message on another Weibo account: “Please stop paying attention to this account and I have forgotten about the password. I will not update any longer.” A few days later, she shared about her feelings with the netizens.

In addition, Grace uploaded photo of her new pair of slippers and toe nails on Instagram story: “My new pair of slippers matches well with my toe nails.” It looks like she is feeling better as Grace shared photo of delicious food and cake and said: “Showing my photography skills again!”