Chinese key opinion leader (KOL) Grace Chow (周揚青) exposes Taiwanese celebrity Show Lo’s (羅志祥) true colours after ending their 9 years romance. He has “abnormal relationships” with many girls, an affair with Linda Chien (愷樂) and request for “special services” during the filming.

After completing the quarantine period in Mainland China, Show is rumoured to hold a press conference in Taiwan in May as he is jobless and removed from 2 shows.

As for Grace, she appears to be in a good mood and colour her hair not long ago. However, she is suspected to be defending Show through her private Weibo account lately: “Firstly, I did not say “exercises” with many people and it is speculations among the netizens. What I meant is they embarrass the ladies and fail to show respect to them in every party.”

It turned out that some Show’s fans try to disguise as Grace in order to defend their idol. Thus, Grace made a clarification immediately: “It is nonsense! I did not write it at all. It is very fake.”