Show Lo’s (羅志祥) image is completely tarnished after his old love, Grace Chow (周揚青) exposes his infidelity including having an affair with Linda Chien (愷樂) and “abnormal relationships” with many female artistes. In order to salvage his career, Show decides to call for a press conference to make public apology and draw a separate line with Linda. After completing the quarantine period in Mainland China, the public has been monitoring his whereabout. On 1st May, some netizen discovered Show hid in Marriott hotel in Shenzhen through Weibo: “Show is hiding in Marriott hotel as one of my relatives works as a cleaner over there.” However, Show has not made any public appearances and his whereabout remains mysterious.

On 5th May, Linda was pointed to cry everyday after Show broke up with her, but she wished he could help to retain her in 100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百) show. According to an insider, Show is struggling to survive and has a cold attitude towards Linda. When the reporters asked about Show’s whereabout and if he would help Linda to protect her career, his manager said: “Gala Television (八大電視) has a happy working relationship with Show and Linda all the way. Their performances in 100% Entertainment program have gained recognitions and the subsequent structure in the show depends on the company’s arrangement.”

In addition, the advertising company terminates the contract with Linda and she is ordered to pay a hefty compensation, while Show loses his rice bowl in Mainland China. Based on the speculations from the public, the television station might “sacrifice” Linda in order to save Show in 100% Entertainment program as he has been the host for many years. If Show decides to save Linda, both might host the show separately. Finally, he is predicted to have huge savings since working in Mainland China for several years and Linda is paid $5,000 (HKD) for each episode in 100% Entertainment program and $100,000 (HKD) for a monthly salary.