Taiwanese star Show Lo’s (羅志祥) image is completely tarnished after his old love, Grace Chow (周揚青) exposes his true colours and infidelity. Hence, her family background becomes an online heated discussion. Her father is rumoured to be a businessman and vice-chairman of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, while her mother and relatives are considered wealthy people in Beijing.

A few days ago, Grace disclosed on Weibo about seeking help from her mother about the central air-conditioning system, as the temperature was 35 degree Celsius in Beijing and she nearly fainted at home. However, her mother did not care and say: “I switch on the heater not long ago. You expect me to switch on air-con for you today?”

Subsequently, Grace carried her beloved cat from the floor and sought help from her father: “It is very humid. My cat’s nose is hot and it is dehydrated.”

After 5 minutes later, the central air-conditioning system was switched on and it showed Grace had a lower status than her cat at home. She replied to her fans: “My parent will tell me a calm heart keeps me cool if I feel hot.”

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