It has been a long time since 55-year-old Maggie Cheung Man Yuk (張曼玉) makes public appearances and the netizens definitely miss her. Some netizens create an online discussion topic about “skinny Maggie makes people worried” after participating in a Chinese variety show.

After reading the post, many people are shocked that Maggie resembles to a 70 year old woman. Some netizen also use her classic dialogue in a film: “Will you leave tonight if you have an additional boat ticket?” Someone replied: “Please pretend that I do not buy the ticket at all.”

Although Maggie is criticised by the public, but some people defend her getting old is normal and it is pointless to make a fuss. Apparently, the photos uploaded are taken during in a Chinese music show, Master in the House (年少可期) in June 2019. Maggie might look old due to accepting an interview in the vehicle and angle problem. However, she continues to look energetic when singing and dancing with a group of young singers in the program.