39-year-old Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) and Taiwanese doctor, Michael Lai (賴弘國) held a wedding party in the US in May 2018, followed by a wedding banquet in Hong Kong in December 2018. Although both have to stay apart frequently, they usually show their love in the air and Gillian openly expresses her wish to have a baby with her husband. However, their marriage only lasted for 14 months and they filed for a divorce on 1st March.

According to an exclusive news source from Apple Daily Taiwan (蘋果新聞網), Michael confirmed the divorce news and said: “She does not love me!” He confessed Gillian regretted about marrying him when holding the wedding party in the US in May 2018. He said: “At the time, Gillian told me that it might be an impulse decision and she does like me but not deep love.” As they signed an agreement to participate in a Chinese reality show, they had to fulfil it and managed to complete it successfully. Gillian also started to have feelings for Michael again.

Based on the information given from their friend, Gillian is dissatisfied with Michael’s financial power and disallows him to touch her for at least a year. Upon trying to verify with Michael, he only revealed she did not have feelings for him long ago. In early 2020, they have to stay apart because of the virus but he visits her at the set twice in Malaysia. Gillian confessed to Michael that she did not have feelings for him and wanted to stop wasting their time. It made him felt sad and angry and Michael is forced to accept her divorce decision.

Hence, Gillian made the divorce decision and pointed Michael and she lacked of understanding, as they got married quickly after knowing each other for 2 months. Hence, Michael tried to salvage their marriage and visited Gillian at her workplace frequently. After visiting her at the set in Malaysia in this February, Gillian requested for a divorce again after his return to Taiwan.

Apparently, a married couple needs to be separated for a certain period before officially divorced in Hong Kong. Hence, Gillian mailed the separation agreement to Michael and he had no choice but to sign it. As both are financial independent prior to their marriage, there is no conflicts about the assets distribution.

Finally, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG) responded on behalf of Gillian: “Yes, both parties have signed the separation agreement and need some privacy. Getting along has always been a profound question and we should not have any complaint. This is my personal affair with Michael and we continue to show respect for each other. I have nothing to say and will not reply about my marriage problem again. Thank you for the concern.”

Source: https://hk.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200508/AYM76PMRTJKWO7AWARDDDOROOA/