Nowadays, it is easy to take photos by using mobile phones and many female artistes love to edit it before posting on their social media accounts.

53-year-old Kathy Chow (周海媚) gains fame after developing her career in Mainland China in recent years. Since filming The Empress of China (武則天) and The Heaven Sword And The Dragon Sabre 2019 (倚天屠龍記) drama, she receives compliments from the netizens for her young looking appearance. Apparently, Kathy used to be active on Weibo and becomes less active after criticised by the netizens 2 years ago. Hence, she changes to recording video clips to maintain interactions with the public and plays “quick and answer” questions with the netizens a few days ago. However, Kathy forgets to edit her looks and her “real appearance” is exposed as a result.

Although Kathy wears light makeup, but she forgets to switch on the conceal function and her wrinkles look very obvious. She also reveals a set of yellow teeth upon smiling and the netizens pointed the “goddess” is getting old. Nevertheless, Kathy continues to answer the netizen about her single status: “I am living a carefree life! It is unnecessary to find a man as he can be troublesome.”