Bernice Liu (廖碧兒) was invited to an activity related to Knockout (我們永不言棄) film at night on 11th May. She expressed she stayed at home for several months and was busy with recording and editing video clips. She also grew spices and vegetables so as to educate the next generation. Jerry Lamb (林曉峰) asked her: “What did you grow? I am worried you might use your own…… as fertiliser.” Bernice emphasised it was safe and exchanged her wine knowledge with her friends via web cam. When mentioned about keeping contact with her old love, Calvin Lo (盧啟賢) and there was chances of reconciliation, she said: “I did not mention about reconciliation. (Keep in touch with him?) It is good that I communicate with my friends.”

Jerry revealed he had been taking care of his sons at home: “I told my sons to wake up to attend online classes around 7am or 8am. Both of them are busy studying, watching drama and movies. I have to buy groceries and make dinner for them.”

Revealing that the restriction related to public gatherings is slightly lifted, the film director, Roy Chow (周顯揚) said: “I feel happy not only because of my movie and Hong Kong government controls the virus situation well. It marks a new beginning for the movie industry and hope everyone will continue to support it.” He believed the box office would be affected and needed some time to build the audiences’ confidence. As for the main cast team members were absent from the promotion event, Roy said: “Initially, they are supposed to promote the film in Hong Kong in January, but it is cancelled due to the virus. Hence, I need to do additional work and many stuff are indeed unpredictable.”