Taiwanese doctor Michael Lai (賴弘國) has been updating his recent condition such as going to gym and having dinner with his friends, after his divorce news with Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) is exposed. On 18th May, he shared photos of himself having barbecue with his friends and some netizen pointed he was nothing if without Gillian. Michael responded in a gracious manner: “Thank you for the guidance. I am a doctor and you can make enquiry if thinking of removing hair.”

Subsequently, another netizen said: “You are very annoying! Gossip king, why are you trying to attract attention after filing for divorce?” Michael chose to reply by using a famous sentence from French philosopher, René Descartes (笛卡兒) and the netizen asked: “Wow! You still have the mood?” Michael said: “It is hard to forget.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200519/1589874658081/%e3%80%90%e8%b7%9f%e9%98%bf%e5%ac%8c%e9%9b%a2%e5%a9%9a%e5%be%8c-%e3%80%91%e8%b3%b4%e5%bc%98%e5%9c%8b%e8%a2%ab%e7%b6%b2%e6%b0%91%e7%95%99%e8%a8%80%e7%8b%99%e6%93%8a-%e5%a6%99%e8%aa%9e%e5%9b%9e%e6%87%89%e6%9b%aceq