Show Lo (羅志祥) wrote a long text consisting of 7000 words to his old love, Grace Chow (周揚青) at 9.12am based on her birthdate on 20th May. However, he is slammed by the netizens for trying to gain sympathy and salvage his career and they advised Grace not to believe him. They also remarked he was a double faced person.

In April, Grace ended her 9 years romance with Show after exposing his infidelity and engaging in abnormal relationships with many girls. Thus, he posted another apology by writing a long text and the netizens discovered he was lying to Grace: “You do not even hold her hand!” Show then explained they were playing a game: “The boy said not to worry and he will hold her hand all the way.” Based on the photo uploaded by Show, he fails to hold Grace’s hand when she is sitting besides him.

At 1.19pm on the same day, Grace wrote “good morning” through Weibo and did not mention anything about Show’s message. Finally, many netizens urged her to ignore him and upload photo related to “escaping”.