Shirley Yeung (楊思琦) gives birth to a baby boy, Kody in February and the netizens suspect she has a virtual husband lately. Kody even follows her last name in order to protect his father’s identity.

On 14th May, Shirley made the first public appearance after giving birth and took her daughter, Krystal to accept an interview conducted by Nancy Sit (薛家燕) at Metro radio station. She shared her joy of becoming a mother again and mentioned about her husband frequently. Shirley disclosed he specially bought a chocolate cake for her and it was not too sweet. On the following day, she thanked Nancy for the invitation again and praised Krystal for growing taller.

When mentioned about her husband remained the target of the media, Shirley replied she would not take it to heart: “I reckon his identity will be exposed one day!” Some netizens said: “Is she deliberately showing her happiness? I believe she has a virtual husband and the reporters will definitely take photos if he exists. There are many bakery shops in Hong Kong and how far can he go to buy chocolate cake? It looks fake.”