Chinese Internet celebrity Grace Chow (周揚青) ended her 9 years romance with Taiwanese star Show Lo (羅志祥) after exposing his infidelity. She discovered he cheated on her several times and had abnormal relationships with many girls, by looking at his mobile phone secretly. Earlier, Grace denied about forgiving him when Show made a public apology with long text.

After browsing through Grace’s old posts, some netizens realised that she wrote an online message about his mobile phone having many secrets in 2013. Also in a separation text posted in April, Grace mentioned about letting go once discovering his unfaithfulness for the first time. Hence, the netizens believed Grace had been tolerating it for the past 9 years.

Other than stating about Show being a two-timer this time, Grace wrote: “I should end it once discovering you cheat behind my back for the first time. But I become soft and forgive your betrayals repeatedly because of your apologies and promises. I assume I can accompany and change you.” It is evident that Show is a player and cheats on Grace endlessly.