Felix Wong (黃日華) made the funeral arrangement for his deceased wife, Leung Kit Wah (梁潔華) with the accompany of his daughter, Adrian Wong (黃芷晴) at Universal Funeral on 28th May. He expressed he had not decided the date for the funeral and promised to announce the date later: “We are fine. Please do not worry. It is expected and the past 3 years allow us to accept it slowly. We will face it bravely.”

Subsequently, Felix praised his wife was very smart: “Kit Wah manages her career and family well. She is very smart, strong and will never give up. It has been suffering for her and she remains positive after overcoming every obstacle. Life is very important. She feels relaxed before leaving in the last few days and we feel she departs this world in happiness.”

When asked about Kit Wah’s wishes, Felix said: “She told me to take care of our daughter and vice-versa. She is very worried about Adrian who is single and I told her not to worry. Kit Wah is also worried about her mother and I promise to take care of her. Anyway, Adrain is an adult now and should take care of me instead.” Felix added he stopped his work temporarily in order to look after his wife earlier and did not have any financial problems. He planned to complete the funeral arrangement first and Kit Wah told him to look at the will at an appropriate timing.

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200528/1590651168533/%e8%ae%9a%e6%a2%81%e6%bd%94%e8%8f%af7%e5%b9%b4%e4%be%86%e5%a0%85%e5%bc%b7%e6%8a%97%e7%97%85-%e9%bb%83%e6%97%a5%e8%8f%af%e5%b9%b3%e9%9d%9c%e9%9d%a2%e5%b0%8d%e6%84%9b%e5%a6%bb%e9%9b%a2%e4%b8%96