Sandra Ng (吳君如) expressed her daughter who was 14 year old begin to learn sex education at the school and would add in other information at an activity in Mong Kok on 25th May. She said: “I warn her not to as she has not complete the puberty stage yet. (When will she complete it?) Upon reaching 18 year old. I cannot accept that she is pregnant before married and will tell her to leave the house. She is a young girl now and will keep everything to herself.”

Sandra added Peter Chan (陳可辛) and would watch their daughter’s favourite films: “We must bear with it despite boring. Anyway, I can guide her through watching drama. We have completed the quarantine period for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong and eat breakfast, exercise and cook together. It is the first time that we get to face each other for 24 hours and unity in a family is the most important.”