Chinese Internet celebrity Grace Chow (周揚青) gains popularity after ending her 9 years relationship with Taiwanese star Show Lo (羅志祥), because of his infidelity. Earlier, she won compliments for resembling a fairy when applying light makeup to buy stocks with her good friends. A few days ago, Grace showed 2 photos of her natural beauty online due to lacking of time to apply makeup and waking up late. Many netizens said: “You are beautiful and it is unnecessary to apply makeup.”

In addition, Grace admitted to going under the knife and did not mind the comparisons prior to that. She believes it is important for women to live confidently and love themselves. In order to look like a foreigner, Grace will either wear light brown or grey colour contact lenses before applying cosmetics. Another important point is the eye socket and drawing thick eyeliners. She also uses glittering powder to make her eyes bigger and mixes nude and rose pink lipsticks to create sexy lips effect.