Since exposed for having an affair with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) in April 2019, 52-year-old Andy Hui (許志安) made an apology at a press conference and requested for privacy: “Please give me time to change and make reflections.” After his work is suspended for more than a year, Andy appears to make a new beginning and stop all social interactions.

Around 5.30pm on that day, Andy sat inside a 7-seater vehicle and stopped outside a cafe at Happy Valley. He wore a cap and face mask and ordered beverage for takeaway. While making payment, Andy kept playing with his mobile phone and left after few minutes later. The reporters discovered his clothes was similar when travelling to England with Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) in last August and it is believed that he has not buy new clothes for a long time. It turned out that Sammi wore the same top when distributing face masks with Lee San San (李珊珊) previously.

Upon discovering the reporters’ presence, Andy boarded the vehicle quickly and the driver drove off even when the door was not closed completely. Apparently, he has been behaving in a low-key manner since his scandal is exposed and his last post is written on 16th April 2019. As for Jacqueline, she is active on her social media account occasionally and is pointed for making an on-screen comeback.