Samantha Ko (高海寧) and TVB former music composer Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) have an underground relationship for 5 years and are pointed to break up in last January. Lately, he disclosed about a woman named Ms Sum working at a pub begun to harass him including his family, friends and former colleagues last year. Hence, Chi Wai lodged a police report and admitted he was worried about Samantha’s safety during an interview.

Around 7.30pm on 2nd June, Samantha returned from the location shooting for new drama (七公主) and continued the indoor shooting at TV City. When asked about her ended relationship with Chi Wai, she said: “We are friends all along. (Worry about your safety?) I am worried if any of my friends is in trouble. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. (Did he contact you?) I only go to bed at 7am this morning and work again after sleeping for 3 hours only. (Are you harassed by anybody in the past year?) it is best that you ask him directly.”

As for Chi Wai, he responded to Ming Pai (明報): “I have already explained it and it is best to leave it to my lawyer. I really wish it will be resolved quickly and less victims will appear. Hopefully she will stop disturbing my loved ones and thank you for the concern.”