Divorced woman named Ms Sum exposed 44-year-old Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) betrays Samantha Ko (高海寧) and it becomes a love scandal. During an interview with Apple Daily HK (蘋果), Ms Sum pointed Chi Wai threatened her with “death” and suspected he had an affair behind her back during their relationship. She also disclosed he used to date Cilla Kung (樂瞳) and slap her despite loving her deeply.

Hence on 4th June, Apple Daily HK tried to check with Cilla personally and she said: “It happens a long time ago and I have forgotten about it. Anyway, we are unrelated so family abuse is impossible. We do not keep in contact after leaving TVB and I have nothing to say. (Are you aware of his scandal?) It is his private affair and best to ask him directly.”

Previously, Cilla is known as a “goddess” and rumoured to date Chi Wai after working together in 2012. Subsequently, both were discovered to travel to Maldives for a vacation and Chi Wai explained they were good friends only. He added they went together with a group of friends and rejected to reveal full details.

Source: https://hk.appledaily.com/entertainment/20200603/PTRAMLGXKZQZHNDXJQ4MUDEHQA/