Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇) disclosed she completed the showering scene where Joel Chan (陳山聰) happened to see it upon filming new drama (超能使者) at TV City. She emphasised she made safety precautions and felt shivering due to covering herself with a towel only. Tiffany added she worked on her birthday and received blessings from her rumoured boyfriend Wu Fei (胡㻗), and believed he would prepare a belated celebration for her.

When mentioned about TVB removed the exposure limit for its actresses, Tiffany replied she was a conservative woman and rejected to show off her body figure. Revealing Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) went out to sea together with Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨), Tiffany said: “The last time that I am at the yacht is during Phoebe Sin’s (單文柔) wedding. Perhaps I am too conservative and nobody dares to invite me. Anyway, I am afraid of getting tanned skin.”