Samantha Ko (高海寧) and TVB former music composer Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉) have an underground relationship for 5 years but it is an open secret. However, both are rumoured to break up in last January because of spending time together rarely and his “betrayal”. She has stopped following him on Instagram as well.

Recently, Chi Wai is pointed to lodge a police report in this February as he is threatened by a woman from another industry due to romance problems. The woman told the media that she was introduced to Chi Wai by her friend in March 2019 and they broke up because of conflicts in January 2020. They did not take any photos together and Chi Wai dismissed about dating Samantha.

Subsequently, Chi Wai accepted an interview from the reporters that he knew Ms Sum at the pub due to working purpose in last March. She then requested to develop a relationship and talk behind Samantha’s back. He emphasised he did not date that woman and she started to threaten his family, friends and former colleagues. When asked if he was worried about Samantha’s safety despite lodging a police report, Chi Wai said: “Yes. She is a good girl.”