The romance between Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) becomes a heated discussion and many artistes give their blessings. On 13th June, he accepted an interview when filming new drama, Plan “B” (BB大晒) at TV City. When mentioned about showing the same photo as Roxanne on Instagram, Kenneth confessed about their relationship and said: “We are in a relationship! (Receive many blessings?) Thank you. (It is a meaningful photo.) Roxanne did it and loves unicorn very much. That photo is taken a long time ago and we agree to announce once it is exposed. Hence, we leave it to destiny.”

During the interview, Pal Sinn (單立文) happened to walk past and congratulated Kenneth: “Congratulations!” Kenneth replied: “Pal, please stop making fun of me.” Pal said: “I am not playing around with you. It is good news and I am giving you my blessings. It is time for you to settle down. All the best!”

Asking if they were dating for a long time, Kenneth said: “Recently only. In fact, we keep little contact after shooting My Dearly Sinful Mind (心理追兇Mind Hunter) drama but begin to chat again lately, I feel we have endless conversations.”

When commented that Kenneth looked calm once his romance was exposed, he said: “We have nothing to hide and agree to announce when it is discovered. It is not a promotion tactic and weird to talk about it suddenly. We do not keep a distance from each other and eat together in the company frequently. Nobody asks us so we continue to eat together. I am getting old and will announce good news if there is any in the future.”

Asking if both met each other parents, Kenneth said: “Yes, we have dinner together. (Does your mother like Roxanne?) Yes, she has dinner at my place.”