Andy Hui (許志安) stops his work for 14 months after “On Sum” scandal is exposed last year. He finally made his first public appearance at ViuTV music show, Chill Club (寶麗金50周年Chill Club) at Kowloon Bay on 15th June.

Around 7pm, Andy was dressed in a suit and wore his wedding ring. He smiled and appeared energetic but nervous when facing the media. Andy took photo with the hosts and a solo photo thereafter. During an interview, he said: “Hello everybody! Today marks 50 anniversary year to Polygram (寶麗金) and I feel very happy to be here. I used to assume I belong to Go East Entertainment (正東).”

Andy continued: “After a serious reflection and learning period, it makes me grow up and I will ask myself about the starting point whenever facing every problem. I try my best to move forward and today is considered a good timing for me to learn and face myself. To me, this time marks a new beginning and I will try my best to do well. During this period of time, I stay at home frequently and realise the importance of my family. I try very hard to prepare myself and it includes training and reading. I keep thinking about my future and decide to bear the responsibility and meet everybody today. I am ready to start a new beginning.”

When asked if his wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) encouraged him, Andy said: “She told me to remain calm and have confidence in myself. Our dog, Lucky is 15 year old and I spend lot of time with it. I learn to cherish and hope it will have less pain before leaving us. In fact, I suffer from insomnia last night and Sammi asks if I am ready. She told me to stay positive and treat everyone with sincerity. I also ask myself if I am prepared to bear the burden this year and feel slightly nervous upon facing a huge crowd.”

Checking if he kept in contact with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) after the scandal, Andy said: “Nope. Please give me some time and I know the public needs time to accept it. I have confidence and will do everything slowly. I will not forget about my mistakes and remind my pain whenever seeing it. I must be a better person in the future. (Kenneth Ma (馬國明) gives his blessings and are you aware of his new romance?) Yes, it is best to ask them directly.”

When asked about the first person to thanks once making an on-screen comeback today: “Thank you to my family including Sammi and friends. Earlier, Joey Tang asks if I am ready when inviting me but I reject him as I need additional time. (Any plans to conduct a concert again?) Not yet. My main purpose is to give confidence to my friends and I can continue to move forward. (Edmond Leung (梁漢文) invites you to his concert as guest performer?) I have not receive his invitation yet and will definitely turn up if he invites me. (An official on-screen comeback today?) I am unsure and life is unpredictable because of the virus. Anyway, I am 100% prepared and full of confidence. It depends on the company’s decision regarding my on-screen comeback.” Overall, the interview lasted for 9 minutes and Andy would sing two songs (一步一生) and a duet (半天假) with Agatha Kong (江海迦) at the show.