Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Arnaldo Ho (何猷亨) are rumoured to date and she has a conflict with her good friend, Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) after accepting an invitation to his luxurious yacht party in May. On 15th June, both took photos together during the press conference for TVB Amazing Summer with Vincent Wong (王浩信), Ali Lee (李佳芯) and others. Ka Man and Crystal emphasised their friendship remained the same and her colleagues made fun of her that she loved to go to yacht party. Subsequently, Louisa Mak (麥美恩) warned Crystal not to go to random yacht and she smiled in embarrassment.

During an interview, Crystal and Ka Man expressed it was their first time to see each other again after the yacht party due to their busy schedules. When asked if they felt embarrassed, Ka Man asked: “Why should we?” Crystal agreed and Ka Man promised to have dinner with her as belated birthday celebration.

Checking if it was a test to their friendship, Crystal replied the gossips did not really affect them and realised the public had a fertile imagination, upon reducing social interactions. Ka Man seldom read entertainment news and was aware of it only when her friends and reporters asked her: “Well, it is funny. In fact, such news are not very healthy as some are fake and meaningless.”