On 12th June, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) announced their romance on their social media accounts and he accepted an interview from the media on the following morning. Other than delivering a shock to the entertainment industry, it also causes an impact to “supernatural” world.

Upon hosting Twilight Online (恐怖在線) show on 15th June, Edmond Poon (潘紹聰) revealed he heard a weird baby sound when Kenneth accepted an interview from the reporters at TV City. Edmond asked: “Can you hear it?” In the video clip, Kenneth said: “It is time to make an announcement. In fact, we are ready anytime……” At this moment, somebody replied with “hmmm” and Edmond analysed the sound should be heard at a far distance if made by either the host or reporters. However, that sound was very near the microphone.

Hence, it becomes a heated discussion and TV City has many supernatural rumours all along but it takes place during daylight this time. When replying to Ming Pao (明報), Edmond explained it was interesting and decided to share with everybody. A “master” pointed the sound was made from a child and it is considered eerie especially when Kenneth is currently filming Plan “B” (BB大晒) drama.

Apparently, there were many reporters such as TVB crew and Ming Pao interviewing Kenneth on that day. Upon looking back at the playback, it turns out to be a false alarm as the sound is made by a male reporter.

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