Andy Hui (許志安) is rumoured to make an on-screen comeback and appear on ViuTV show on 15th June after his work is suspended for 14 months. His wife Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and his good friends will be showing supports for him personally.

On 12th June, Sammi shared photos of herself running outside and completed it successfully despite having some obstacles. She said: “I board the vehicle at 5.10pm and usually reach the destination within 5 minutes. However, a car is broken down on the road and I am trapped in my vehicle as well. I am very worried as the weather might become dark when running halfway.

At 5.40pm, the cars begin to move and it will be fine once I drive past that broken vehicle. I start to run and it remains bright upon reaching home. I can even take photos and life is indeed unpredictable. #you might think it is impossible but unexpected eventually. Life is indeed full of uncertainty.

Finally, I remind myself to have faith. #thank god #have faith #life is amazing #hence too many plans are unnecessary”