Ali Lee (李佳芯) is rumoured to be “frozen” by TVB because of political affairs. Asking if she was allowed to continue her on-screen performance when promoting her new drama, Death by Zero (殺手) during the press conference for TVB Amazing Summer on 15th June, she said: “I am not answering it. It is meaningless if you pointed my work is suspended agin after returning home.”

Other than looking forward to broadcasting her new series, Ali wrote proses and wished to participate in a book exhibition: “Hopefully I can show it by end June. I begin to write from February and it is related to my childhood years and love perspectives. (Including the work suspended period?) Everything and it does not need to emphasis.”

Checking if she would be shooting new drama again, Ali replied she dared not announce until it was confirmed. She was prepared to start work anytime and said: “I begin writing after wrapping up Amelia’s Rhapsody (愛美麗狂想曲) series in end 2019. The company does not tell me to be careful with my speech and I have no pressure after that.”