Sammi Cheng (鄭秀文) and Andy Hui (許志安) meet countless of obstacles during their 31 years relationship. In April 2019, his scandal with Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) is exposed and he has been doing self-reflection for more than a year. On 15th June, Andy made his on-screen comeback in ViuTV music show, Chill Club and his eyes were wet when mentioned about Sammi.

On 18th June, Sammi made her first public appearance at a promotion activity for new film, Fatal Visit (聖荷西謀殺案) at North Point after Andy made a comeback. At 2.45pm, she was seen wearing a blue dress upon alighting from a 7-seater vehicle and appeared energetic, before accepting an interview at the hotel.

Asking if she noticed her husband Andy’s eyes were wet and gave him encouragements for making an on-screen comeback, Sammi said: “I did not really notice it. Anyway, we are living together and let’s take one step at a time. After all, Andy needs to face the world and himself and it is time for him to bear the responsibility. He did ask me for advice and I told him to make a decision whenever he is ready. It has been more than a year and he needs to practise his singing skills first and face the public once deciding to make a comeback. It is not easy and I feel happy for him making the first step.”

Sammi felt Andy’s performance was alright during the interview: “I told him to behave naturally and with sincerity. He must be honest and let people understand his experiences. (An improvement in your relationship?) I dare not say but we will face all problems together. As his wife, I will not leave him and it is important to overcome all obstacles together.”

When asked about her method related to showering Andy with full of love, Sammi said: “Because he helps me a lot during my concert at the time. Subsequently, I try to reflect myself while resting. Please do not worry and I believe my religion for 10 years and it changes my life perspective. I feel Andy has a drastic change and becomes a strong person. It takes time for the audiences to see his changes. Everyone has different experiences and it is considered another stage. I feel it is good upon recalling it as I will change for the better and it is worth it.” Finally, Sammi praised Andy became a realistic person and recognised the importance of life.