TV Queen Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is well-known for her brilliant acting skills. Earlier, she transforms into a hairstylist in a Chinese variety show and has satisfactory hair cutting skills. Subsequently, Charmaine joins another Chinese variety show, Not a Loner (看我的生活) as one of the food judges and shows a black face, because she can only look at the food without “tasing” it.

Before an interview, Charmaine prepares her resume and presents in an orange card. Although it looks ordinary, but her creativity is excellent and her special resume wins compliments.

As the food judge, Charmaine plans to taste the food but needs to make preparations beforehand. Firstly, she had to conduct an interview with the restaurant owner and understand their food speciality. Charmaine took notes and listened attentively. Secondly, she kept starring at the food once presented but the staff told her they had to take photos first. Hence, Charmaine complained while using her mobile phone: “I can only look at it without eating. It is 9pm now and I have not eaten my lunch yet.” Next, the staff told her to smile when holding the food at the same time and it was different from her happy smiles in reality. In addition, the guests can even see Charmaine reveals a “fake smile” as if she is in the palace. Finally, she ate the food immediately and it is obvious that Charmaine is starving since having 5 to 6 meals a day.