After filing for divorce in 2012, 46-year-old Alice Chan (陳煒) has a new doctor boyfriend Aldous Chan (陳國強) in 2019. He will always defends her if there is any criticisms and accompanies her for stage performances in overseas, whenever he is free.

Nearly 2pm a few days ago, Apple Daily HK (蘋果) discovered Alice and Aldous were shopping together at Kowloon City. She was dressed in casual outfit and allowed the media to take photos of them. Although both did not hold hands together, but it is obvious that they establish good rapports and Aldous said happily before heading to different directions: “Alice is buying something and please follow her.” It is believed that he is going to the carpark before fetching Alice.

Subsequently, Alice picked two gigantic fish maws and scallops at a dried seafood store and made the payment quickly. She said during an interview: “I am buying it first and not cooking today. (Does he like your culinary skills?) Definitely. (Specially travelling to Kowloon City and enjoying high tea?) Having red bean frappe and it is very popular.”

Apparently, Alice emerged as the first runner-up in ATV former beauty pageant and showed her culinary skills in a food show previously. In addition, she has beautiful looks and good body figure and does not lose to young girls at all.