Catherine Chau (周家怡), Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Kathy Yuen (湯怡) attended the movie premiere for Legally Declared Dead (死因無可疑) on 22nd June. Mentioning about filming TVB drama (兒童醫院) again, Catherine looked forward to it and felt elated to work with film producer and on-screen writer. When asked if she missed her “maiden home”, Catherine said: “I feel normal about it and encountering a good script is the most important. In the past, I always act as a nurse and can finally play a doctor who steps into the operation theatre this time.”

Checking if it was an attractive remuneration, Catherine replied she dared not ask and working with a good cast team was essential. When asked if she played the female lead, Catherine said: “One of the leads only. We will be shooting as if it is a movie and makes us feel more comfortable.”

As for Carlos, he felt emotional upon entering into the cinema again as his last visit was during lunar new year. Pointing that finding Shiga Lin (連詩雅) was his biggest benefit, Carlos said: “Finding my work passion. (Saving very hard now?) I have been saving up all along and hope it will come true in the future.”

Carlos added he watched Shiga’s drama for the past 2 days: “It is interesting overall. Finally, Kathy revealed she did not go to cinema for several months and her friends complimented she was very realistic this time: “Because they always say that I lack of emotions and discover a different side of me, since playing a wilful girl this time.”