Recently, Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) shoots treatment for adults advertisement and her workload is reduced because of the virus. However, she remains grateful for working and spending additional time with her family: “I try my best to spend time with my sons during my free time as they grow up too fast. I treasure my family and hope everyone will continue to feel happy and full of positive energy, just like I feel happy to film the advertisement.”

Mentioning about shooting this commercial, Myolie said: “Any ladies including after given birth can encounter this situation. It is a normal problem and please do not feel embarrassed. It might become worse if you choose to ignore it and it is important to use a correct method to resolve the problem.”

In addition, Myolie shared some amusing incidents related to her sons and said: “I recorded many video clips of them and the clips shared online are 10% only. I believe every parent will do that so as to give them good memories. Thank you to everybody for liking Brendan and Ryan who are happy babies despite having different characters. Lately, Brendan has been staying at home and learning to dance Gangnam style (江南Style). He also makes many poses and it might be because of inheriting my genes.”