Father’s Day is over not long ago and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) takes his daughter Quinta Chan (陳諾瑤) out for fun. He shared the video clip of himself trying to hold her hand but Quinta wanted to let go in order to play by herself.

Ruco said: “Every video clip has a sad story. Children normally play by themselves from 4 to 5 year old but Quinta is only more than 1 year old and wants to play by herself. She is indeed strong 🤣 Looking forward to the future…… 😥😥😥”

Finally, Phoebe Sin (單文柔) left a message: “You are making me laughing 😂😂 Daddy must be heartbroken.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20200625/1593072240967/%e6%8b%96%e4%bd%8f%e5%b0%8f%e8%b1%ac%e6%af%94%e6%ba%ab%e9%a6%a8%e7%9b%aa%e9%9e%a6%e9%9f%86-%e9%99%b3%e5%b1%95%e9%b5%ac%e7%aa%81%e9%81%ad%e5%a5%b3%e5%85%92%e7%94%a9%e9%96%8b%e6%89%8b%e5%82%b7%e9%80%8f%e5%bf%83